Psychological effect of each color

wandbild kueche Each color affects our psyche and body because it has a specific wavelength and energy that our body unconsciously receives ("reads"). These color properties are used in healing - color therapy.

Color psychologists claim that our color perception is based on accumulated experience and way of thinking, and is influenced by instincts. That is why the color effect can be very individual and different. In addition, cultural, traditional, political, symbolic as well as fashionable meanings of colors also play a certain role.

In order to select suitable colors for the interior or for the murals, it is advisable to get to know the meaning and effect of the colors. At home, the colors can create a positive, calming or invigorating atmosphere. The bright colors visually expand the space, the dark vice versa make it visually smaller seem.

The warm shades "increase" the perceived room temperature slightly, while the cold colors make it feel a little lower. Different shades of a color can also be perceived differently.

Bedeutungen und Wirkung der Farben

color Associations Meaning Effect
Red Passion, Love, Sensuality, Happiness, Fire, Danger, Anger, Rage, Aggression, Destruction, Vitality, Drive, energy, liberation, strong feelings about life, power, strength, courage, excitement, no self-doubt Attention, courageous, dynamic, powerful, passionate, seductive, warm, vital, dominant, dangerous, aggressive, arrogant, brutal, angry, loud, warning and signal color, male color, corresponds to the choleric temperament
  • Noticeable;
  • invigorating, awakens inner strength, attractive, stimulates appetite, stimulates, activates, invigorates, strengthens;
  • Signal effect;
  • activates body and mind;
  • warmed, but also heated;
  • stimulates circulation, metabolism and immune system;
  • stands for self-confidence;
  • increases interest;
  • conveys sensuality;
  • too much red is depressing and can make you aggressive;
  • makes dynamic and vital;
  • increases self-esteem, gives vitality.
Orange vitality, energy, joy, trust, warmth, lightness, sociability, open-mindedness, courage, Summer, sunlight, fire, lust for life, enjoyment, superficiality, cheap Friendly, cheerful, bright, close, warm, vital, young, dubious, obtrusive, impulsive, earthly, radiating, dense, loud, restless, optimism, joie de vivre, light-heartedness, Affirmation of life, desire for experiences, spirit of enterprise, expansion, female color, extroversion
  • Invigorates, motivates, strengthens, renews, cheers up, inspires, has a stimulating effect;
  • brightens mood, conveys sociability, open-mindedness, self-confidence and health;
  • increases attraction, achievement and creativity;
  • is rich in stimulation and energy;
  • encourages self-esteem;
  • Awakens joy and contemplation.
Yellow sun, light, power, joy, egoism, avarice, envy, gold, wealth, happy, optimistic, bright, luminous, relaxed, pushy, toxic, cowardly, envious The brightest and most luminous of colors, mind, lightness, communication, optimism, happiness, joie de vivre, cheerfulness, the new, Modernity, future, knowledge, reason, logic, intelligence, willingness to change, Self-confidence, warm, cheerful, cheerful, active, easy, sunny, masculine color, corresponds to the sanguine temperament
  • Opening, comfortable, radiant;
  • invigorates and cheers up, cheers up;
  • relieves anxiety and insecurity;
  • encourages curiosity and communication;
  • encourages intellect, concentration and performance;
  • reinforces the rational;
  • brings clarity, conveys happiness;
  • but too much yellow can overstimulate the nervous system.
Green nature, environment, spring, growth, health, envy, weariness, happiness, hope, life, contentment, regeneration, Neutrality, indifference, renewal, peace, hope, relaxation, harmony, calm, positive, restful, immature, sour, inexperienced life, naturalness, hope, security, youth, calm, peace, harmony, center, balance, trust, contentment, almost can not be applied excessively, passive, motherliness, feminine color, corresponds to the melancholic temperament
  • Relaxes and balances, soothes, harmonises;
  • generous, restful and soothing;
  • can relieve grief, lovesickness and anger;
  • makes you relaxed, but also indifferent;
  • can awaken potential in people;
  • refreshes, invigorates, provides you with new strength;
  • helps to balance body and soul;
  • elicits sympathy and trust;
  • improves judgment;
  • moves to transformation and further development.
Blue sky, water, expanse, freedom, coolness, reason, longing, melancholy, seriousness, peace, calm, stillness, faithfulness, deepening, security, endless possibilities, cold, relaxing, trusting, dependable, authoritarian, strong, impersonal, depressive, boring Typical business colors, calm, trust, longing, sense of duty, introspection, introspection, concentration, depth, competence, inspiration, creativity, duty, conservatism, Constancy, coldness, clarity, passive, feminine color, corresponds to the phlegmatic temperament
  • Sober, matter-of-fact, trusting,melancholic;
  • relaxes, refreshes, cools, expands, soothes;
  • frank, casual, heavenly, clear, transparent, sterile;
  • encourages intuition, precise thinking and objectivity;
  • soothing to peace and tranquility;
  • exudes freshness and cleanliness;
  • provides relaxation and harmony;
  • stimulates the unconscious;
  • strengthens life forces.
Purple Purple Purple Extravagance, Magic, Alchemy, Suffering, Sorrow, Extraordinary, Imaginative, Magical, Fashionable, Original, creative, unnatural, artificial, irrelevant, uncertain, ambiguous, somber, cool Stability, Dignity, Mysticism, Magic, Spirituality, Inspiration, Energy, Wisdom, Protection, Art, passion, vanity, frustration, mental processes, rest, frugality, introverted lifestyle
  • Contradictory, intimate, tender, proud, arrogant, mysterious, mystifying;
  • internalized, discouraged, dematerialized;
  • regenerated and deepened;
  • noble, rich, valuable, cushioning and heavy;
  • stands for spirituality, bordering on other dimensions;
  • conveys extravagance and elegance;
  • exudes worthiness;
  • encourages focus and confidence;
  • stimulates creativity, senses and spirit;
  • supports rest;
  • promotes inner balance, peace and compassion;
  • curbs appetite and desire.
Magenta Pink Fire, Danger, Destruction, Femininity, Intrigue, Arrogance, Magic, Magnificence, Dignity, Dominion Extravagance, emphasis, transformations, compassion, idealism, order, commitment, dominance, snobbery
  • United;
  • expressive;
  • neutralizes stress and shock;
  • gives inner freedom;
  • exudes security.
pink Nature, blossom, tenderness, joy, first love, gentle, warm Romance, innocence, tender love, sympathy, happiness, togetherness, well-being
  • Innocent;
  • soothing;
  • reduces aggression;
  • improves judgment;
  • promotes empathy, makes you more sensitive.
Black Darkness, night, serious, classic, elegant, fashionable, neutral, factual, modern, functional, gloomy, sad, lonely, heavy No light, dignity shrouded in mystery, independence, prestige, depression, sadness, worry, silence, depth, security, distinctive, professional, unfamiliar
  • Dark, dense, massive, absorbing, heavy, very hard, repellent, inhibiting;
  • noble, solemn;
  • High contrast;
  • gives special meaning to the details;
  • conveys seriousness and inspires respect;
  • enhances other colors, emphasizes power.
White Snow, Ice, Angel, Purity, Innocence, Order, Knowledge, Escape, Plain, Neutral, Clean, Cold, Sterile, Empty, Magical, Clinically Bright Sum of all colors, purity, clarity, innocence, peace, remoteness
  • Friendly;
  • elegant;
  • bright, radiant, dazzling, serene;
  • open, limitless, light;
  • stabilizes emotions, distances, neutralizes;
  • conveys nobility, cleanliness and innocence;
  • Too much white looks boring, sterile, factual.
Gray Mouse, elegant, matter-of-fact, professional, formal, boring, characterless, drab, depressing, unremarkable Typical business color, restraint, neutrality, objectivity, boredom, insecurity, fear of life, inconspicuousness, Monotony, transience, formal, reserved, sober, emotionless, indefinite, characterless, conservative, discreet
  • Modern;
  • noble;
  • sober;
  • neutralizes individuality;
  • Complements and contrasts a bold color.
Brown Nature, environment, wood, security, comfort, old-fashioned, warm, down-to-earth, natural, reliable, traditional, heavy, sad, dirty, withdrawn, comfortable Fashionable business colour, homely atmosphere, earthy security, material security, protection, stability, calm, traditional, comfortable, warm, earthy, simple
  • Rustic, sedate;
  • Calms, balances, stabilizes;
  • Conveys conservativeness.
Turquoise Cyan Tenacity, stamina, bright, fresh, flamboyant, luminous, lovely, cool Freshness, freedom, clarity, openness, awareness, distance, emptiness, independence, coolness, egoism, independence, self-assertion, idealism
  • Distant, distant, unapproachable, clear, cool;
  • Fascinating, extravagant, personal;
  • promotes awake life, clarity and freedom;
  • supports setting boundaries and being confident.
Gold Sun, power, wealth, golden wedding Power, wealth, color of great anniversaries, loyalty, helpfulness, friendship, truth, precious, energetic
  • Gives strength and enthusiasm;
  • combats fear, insecurity and indifference;
  • looks high-quality, magnificent, extravagant, refined, luxurious;
  • too much gold looks snooty, stagnant, heavy;
Silver Shine, modern, technical Courtesy, cleverness, independence, security, punctuality, modern, unconventional, original, technical
  • Cleans;
  • harmonized;
  • contributes to communicative skills;
  • Shines, but does not suppress other colors, but reflects them.
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