Print murals - on which material?

Cleverly selected murals enrich a room like berries enrich a cake. With a mural you can change the color climate of a room in a particularly harmonious way and create an individual atmospheric atmosphere.

In our online shop you can have murals printed on acrylic glass, canvas or aluminum Dibond as well as on photo paper. Each material has its own advantages:
  • Poster is not a "real picture", but a print on the high-quality photo paper and the easiest way to get the photo in large format. With a decorative frame, it turns into an attractive mural!
  • Gallery Print / Acrylglasbilder look particularly high quality. Thanks to the print "behind glass" and polished acrylic glass edges, the picture gets an impressive 3D depth effect. In combination with an aluminum Dibond plate on the back, the acrylic glass picture has gallery quality (gallery print);
  • Canvases are classics among wall pictures. Thanks to the fine structure of the fabric, the canvas picture looks like an authentic art painting. The print image is mounted on a stretcher frame and not only printed on the front, but also on the edges.
  • Alu-Dibond murals impress with their elegance and noble metal look. This material is very flexible, weatherproof and washable. Even in larger formats, Alu-Dibond remains extremely stable.

Order murals online

This online shop specializes in high-quality murals - whether printed on canvas, acrylic glass, aluminum dibond or as a poster. Our murals are used at home as well as in hotels, waiting rooms, restaurants, etc.

Modern or timeless, colorful or subtle, stylish or extravagant - our murals create an individual living atmosphere. At you can buy murals in all sizes, on different materials, framed or even illuminated online. We offer a large selection of motifs and themes that perfectly complement different living contexts and set desired accents. Browse through our fine selection of motifs!

We are also happy to print your own desired motif as a mural. High-quality materials and fine printing let your family photo or holiday picture shine in a new dimension. You can upload the print template directly to the online shop or send it to us by email at

Example - mural for living room


Example - mural for children's room


Example - mural for kitchen


Example - mural for hallway


Example - mural for bedroom

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