Acrylic glass picture as a gift idea

boot fischer wasser sonnenuntergang art gallery bildershop In the age of digital photography, most images remain a file on the PC. But almost everyone has a recording or two that is too good to live on hard drives. A high-quality print behind acrylic glass retrieves these special recordings from the depths of the hard drive and transforms them into individual room decorations or an unforgettable gift.

Acrylic glass pictures - gifts that nobody forgets

Acrylic glass pictures are a perfect gift idea for many occasions. Which mother is not happy about a print behind acrylic glass that shows the children doing handicrafts, playing or romping about? Who can resist a snap proving that little glitch in baking?

It doesn't always have to be photos of the best quality that are suitable as a gift. The right subject is more important than the sharpness of the image. This is especially true for snapshots. The angler with his "giant fish" the size of a sprat is not in the middle of the photo - so what? The raging little ones have wobbly legs or the snapshot of the kitchen breakdown turned out to be too dark. Perhaps that is what makes the picture behind acrylic glass so appealing? By the way: With a little skill, the images can be optically improved. You can use Adobe Photoshop or another graphics program for this. Finally, you can upload your own picture and have it printed on acrylic glass.

Lasting memories behind acrylic glass

The wedding photo, the christening of the offspring or the first day of school - everyone would like to see photos of these events as a picture on the wall. They preserve the memory of special days. The pictures behind acrylic glass are very popular - this high-quality transparent plastic gives the picture a shiny look.

Such an acrylic glass picture fits in almost every room - whether living room, children's room or kitchen. So you can keep a beautiful moment in mind every day. If an image is particularly important to you, you can even lower the quality if the image is not available in the correct resolution. With us, the image is technically checked free of charge before printing. If the picture is absolutely unsuitable for acrylic glass printing, this will be communicated.

Holiday photos are usually a wonderful motif. These shots beautify the room and bring back the feelings of vacation. When looking at the pictures, the holiday seems close. Since these photos are also an exquisite room decoration, they fit into every room of the apartment. If your own photo files do not provide anything suitable, a detour into the fine selection of the image motifs will help.

Top images with good attachment

The prints behind acrylic glass are ready for assembly, because they are frameless picture frames without bothersome brackets that connect the glass and the picture. The photo is connected to the acrylic glass pane without any visible attachment.

The attachment to the wall also remains hidden. This gives the pictures a special look, as they appear to be floating in front of the wall. No hooks or eyelets distract from the image.

So if you have beautiful pictures, you can use the option of printing behind acrylic glass to create your own gallery and give your home an individual touch.

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